Foreign Editions

There are fifteen overseas editions of The Pure Trilogy. Here are a few links to their media. (For a full list of editions, scroll to the bottom of the page.)

Here is the very cool UK web site, which offers The Lost Archives.

Here’s a trailer from France for Pure.

Here is an interview with Julianna where she speaks French. The interview was conducted in the J’ai Lu offices in Paris.

And Part II.

Here is Julianna in Montreal, speaking to the Canadian audience about Pure.

Fifteen foreign editions as well as an audio version, large-print edition, and a special limited edition:
Headline, UK, English-language rights outside of North America;
Intrinseca, Brazil, Portuguese-language rights;
J’ai Lu, Flammarion, France, French-language rights;
Dogan Egmont, Turkey, Turkish-language rights;
Neri Pozza, Italy, Italian-language rights;
Baumhaus Verlag, Germany, German-language rights;
AST, Russia, Russian-language rights;
Egmont, Bulgarian-language rights;
Egmont, Korean-language rights;
Mladinska, Slovene-language rights;
Bentang Pustaka, Thai-language rights;
Roca, Spanish-language rights;
Chinese-language rights;
Polish-language rights;
Hungarian-language rights.